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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get unbanned?

If you would like to appeal a ban refer to the form above. Explain the situation. Note that if you lie, we can easily consult with the moderator that banned you and resolve any misconceptions.

Why is the game lagging?

It's most likely a problem with your WiFi. If your WiFi is fine, then try quitting then reopening Roblox. If this behavior continues reboot your device. If this still continues ask an adult to reboot your WiFi.

Why can't I go on Roblox?

If you cannot enter Roblox or load up the site, this probably means Roblox is down. You can check on the Roblox status live here: It should take a couple of minutes to 24 hours to start working again.

Where do I go if someone is breaking Roblox Terms of Service on game?

To report another user refer to this link on the Roblox Support page. You can also fill out our support form above, so we can take action on the user in our game.