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Apr 20, 2022
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Retail marketers can't outperform Amazon on the paid Google SERP, but they can find some white space. One metric that can help is impression share. It can be found in the Google Auction Insights report for Shopping Campaigns and Paid Search Campaigns. Impression share is the Norway Phone Number List percentage of impressions your ads received divided by the estimated number of impressions the ads were likely to receive. Google determines eligibility based on a number of factors, including targeting settings, approval statuses, and quality. Apparently, impression share can help you understand if your ads might reach more buyers if you increase your bids or increase your budget. But a smarter way to use impression share is to Norway Phone Number List understand how your advertising environment is changing. Evaluate it along with other performance and competition metrics. From there, use this information to identify how to adapt your campaigns and bid strategy to changing competitive pressures. Let's take a look at the latest data and examples to find out how to go about it. Amazon's impression share in Google Shopping We analyzed Google Auction Insights reports for a leading retailer across five industries. These retailers all see Amazon as a regular competitor to Google Shopping and Google Paid Search. The Norway Phone Number List following graph shows the share of impressions Amazon has garnered over the past two years for Google Shopping auctions in which both the retailer and Amazon were eligible to Norway Phone Number List run an ad. From this graph, we can make some observations. One is that Amazon's impression share tended to increase as each year progressed, peaking just before or during each holiday shopping season, and dropping sharply in the second quarter of 2018 when Amazon briefly suspended shopping campaigns. We can also Norway Phone Number List see that Amazon's impression share for categories like office supplies and home improvement was consistently higher than its share for sporting goods or apparel. Why the difference between the verticals?


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