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Career Opportunities


Contribution Department

The role of artist is for members of the art community to help XD Studios! This role will accept a small percentage of our final game revenue. Anywhere from 1%-10%.

Game Builder

Contribution Department

Help out by building games for our community! This role will also accept a percentage of game revenue. Builders can receive 5%-20% depending on how much work they do.

Gameplay Scripter

Contribution Department

The gameplay scripting position is very important, as we are running short on scripters. Scripters can receive 3%-20% depending on the work they do.

Game Moderator

Moderation Department

Game Moderators must be ready to contact members of our Roblox community as support, as well as banning exploiters from running servers. Game Moderators is a voluntary position. In the future if we make large revenues, game moderators can receive 1k-100k robux.

Game Tester

Creativity Department

Game Testers help provide feedback on games before they release. This position is 100% voluntary and receives no payment.