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XD Studios is a game studio founded by AZtech28 earlier this year! XD Studios makes games on large platforms for everyone to play! Our team of contributors and developers help bring out games! See below for examples of games, blogs, and more! Currently our work is on Roblox, but we are looking forward to work on other platforms as well! Check us out on Roblox at XD Studios! Also check out the founder, AZtech28 on his youtube channel, devforum summary, and roblox profile!




SuperMoonStar Studios

SuperMoonStar Studios is a studio founded by CStarGamer, one of our very own game contributors (mentor scripter). With almost 5k visits and 300 members, they have been successful throughout Roblox. Check them out below!


Pin Point Studios

Pin Point Studios is a new development studio founded by RazorBladedino117, who also has responsibility at XD Studios (Roblox Affairs Manager). Pin Point Studios is working on new games, none released yet. Check them out below!


HaloDev Games

HaloDev Games is also a very successful game studio. Owned by xXHaloEpicXx, they have almost 50k place visits! They have around 7 games, so make sure to check them all out! See the HaloDev Games website below!

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Obby World

Fall 2020

Coming Soon

On Roblox

Coming soon

Platform TBD


Contact Us!

These are AZtech28's ONLY socials. All others are fake or not him. You can contact him on DevForum or Roblox. YouTube and Twitch are not ideal for contact, and he will probably not respond.

Roblox: roblox.com/users/298568820/profile

YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UC1LEBeIArg1QC26T1YdCR0g

DevForum: devforum.roblox.com/u/aztech28/summary

Twitch: twitch.tv/az_tech28

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